Thursday, July 21, 2011

Laughter is an instant vacation!

Though it’s summer, which means summer VACATION – for Cadence, that is. It’s been anything but.
She has 4 hours of practice a week and fundraising on the weekends. She’s a trooper and rarely complains.
At least one day of our weekend is usually spent fundraising…either canning or car washing. The girls work their butts off to make money for their accounts and occasionally have fun doing it.






Meanwhile, on the days when it’s not boiling hot outside and there isn’t a fundraiser happening, the girls love to run around barefoot in our soft green grass. Although with scorching heat and sun as of late, our grass is more like a crunchy brown.





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Bryleigh’s favorite game is tag! She even cons Cadence’s friends into playing with her.









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This weekend we are going to the funeral of a family friend. She was a funny woman that I have many memories of.

Some time Saturday there is canning at the gas station and of course my volunteer day at the 577 Foundation.
The temperature isn’t supposed to be under 90 all weekend, so unless we are one of the above events, we’ll be in the house trying not to move!

And just because he's so scrumptious..a picture of Aiden...

I hope your part of the map is cooler than ours!!

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