Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 1 – Your current relationship

My current relationship is (mostly) happily married. I kid, I kid. We are happily married for 8 years, with our 9th anniversary a month away!
Prior to getting married, we were together 7 years. Yep, add it up kiddos, that’s almost 16 years together! Whoa!!
That makes me sound really old.

Dennis & I have been dating since I was 18 & have lived together since I was 20. It wasn’t all rainbows & kittens, but 16 years later, we work together well & rarely argue. Not sure if it’s time or Zoloft I should thank for that – haha.

We met through one of my best friends, Heather. We’ve had more than our fair share of bumps in our journey, but it’s for sure made us a better couple.

Dennis is a great guy…he’s got a short fuse, which he’s working on & he talks too much, which gets annoying – but we’ve never passed a stranded motorist w/o him stopping to help. He’s never said no, even if he’s mad, at helping a family member. Short fuses & talking don’t even rate with a heart as big as his!

So I’d say I’m a pretty lucky girl & I can’t wait to be celebrating our next 16 years together!

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