Monday, July 4, 2011

Last day of School Suprises & Summer is HERE!

I was excited when Cadence came home with a backpack full of art projects she did throughout the school year!
She made a book throughout the year with lots of handprints - my favorite art projects! :)
Below is the book & a few of my other favorites...

Summer is also in full effect here - I'm talking "WHOA HEAT!" We've already had a few trips to Aunt Vicki's to swim...

Cai is enjoying having lots of sleepovers & enjoying them. While enjoy her being home all day & having lots of fun..I am ready for the fall weather already - ha!

We have lots of car washes planned for cheerleading & now I'm taking on putting together a Car Show Fundraiser. I'm excited!!
Now it's time for bed, actually way past time for's been a super long weekend.

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