Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baby Showers & Flowers...

Dennis’ cousin, Beth is pregnant with her first baby. She’s having a little boy and is over the moon. The girls and I attended her baby shower…below are some pictures of the girls with their dad’s family…

Aunt Liz & Cai
Cai & Emily

My princess
Ever have one of these days??
She never gets juice at home- she's a happy camper!

Cai, Aunt Reen & Bry
Aunt Kate, Bry & Cai

The girls enjoyed themselves…I mean they got to drink juice – we never drink juice at our house – I don’t want their teeth to rot out of their head – ha!

The girls are pretty familiar with Liz, as you can see how comfortable Cai is with her in the picture. I think this is the 1st time Bry met Kate & Reen. She wasn’t a big of Kate’s as you can see. It happens. She’s the same way with my life goes on.

My flowers are in bloom - so excited! This is the first time I've ever really had a pretty, blooming flower bed!

Even my girls like to pose 'with the flowers'...

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