Sunday, March 9, 2008

An hour was stolen last nite..

Thursday I went to Lisa's after I ran to the store for dog food. Lisa took Chai & Cadence to the store w/her while she picked up some cleaning supplies. She bought the kids silly string & a toy They sprayed each other outside when they got back to Lisa's. That stuff smells awful. While she was at the store w/the 2 of them, Taevion & I spent some quality time together. He's so funny & such a boy. He walks around grunting & it's so cute.

Cadence w/the toy Aunt Sisa got her

Friday Dennis & Cadence built a legos train (at least that's what he said it was). Btw, I love when Dennis dresses her... After working over - Cadence & I went to dinner w/Dennis' mom, brother & Aunt Liz. On my way home, Dennis called & said he thought he was going to need a ride home from work. I figured that was ok b/c I was heading over to home group (sort of like a Bible study) from church and it's in Maumee. I got there late, but was happy to be there. It was my first time there & the ladies & (and 1 guy) were great. Denise (the lady that took Cai's 3 yr pics) also attends Cedar Creek & told me about the home group & I figure it's perfect b/c it's Friday nites, so I don't have to worry about Cadence being out late during the week & Dennis is at work. Cadence was happy to play w/Ahriana (Denise's 3 yr old daughter), so it works great! They switch who hosts it, so next week it will be at a house in Perrysburg. I ended up not needing to pick up Dennis, which was fine w/me b/c the roads were getting bad when I left & I would have had to wait for Dennis at least another 1/2 hr - which would have been another 1/2 hr of yucky weather messing up the roads.
Cadence in her cute outfit & fabulous hairdo - next to her legos train

Saturday when we woke up, there was A LOT of snow. Cadence was supposed to go to Madison's to play, but I wasn't sure she was going to be able to b/c the roads were in bad shape & it was still snowing. She was bummed b/c we had talked about her going to Madison's for 2 days. After talking to Sarah, I decided to go to work for some ot & have Dennis drop Cai off at Sarah's to play w/Madison. While we were doing that, Dennis went to Jeremy's & visited him for a few hours. He was happy to be out of the house & happy to see Jeremy - they hardly see each other anymore. When Dennis picked me up at work, we left to get Cadence. The quickest way there from downtown would be to get on 280 from the Greenbelt & go over that scary Veteran's Skyway Bridge. Let me tell you how awful it was to drive on that bridge in that weather. I was literally going 30 miles an hour. The bridge had not been salted or plowed anytime recently & I was gripping the steering wheel like I could have crushed it! When we finally got off, I realized I had been holding my breath (except for the few seconds of cussing @ Dennis b/c he was telling me to get in the other lane). We got Cadence, went to the store for some meat & went home for a quiet evening.
Going down Adams St. downtown - Sat pm
Today, we slept in til almost 11 & came down, had breakfast & cleaned up. Cadence talked to Colin on the phone for a little while - she hasn't seen him in a few weeks, I think she misses him. Our plans for the day are pretty simple - watch our dvr'd shows. We're at like 82% full b/c we tape shows & then get too busy to watch them.

Cadence talking to Colin on the phone & eating her Spongebob Gogurt
Tomorrow, Dennis has his physical for his new job @ Toledo Hospital. Then we have a financial class @ church tomorrow evening. Other than those 2 things, it should be a normal Monday - just working & chilling at home. Have a great week - hope to be back here on Wed w/some updates. :)
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