Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Not much going on...just waiting on the weekend

Last nite we had a nasty storm - so when we went to vote, the polls weren't very busy. When we got home from voting - Dennis made dinner & we watched tv. Cadence played w/her Christmas present from Tina, which she carries w/her everywhere. She even sleeps w/that instead of her care bear now!
Cadence & I also took pictures of each other taking pictures of each other...we're dorks.

Tonite was a quiet nite - I came home from work, shoveled the sidewalk a little bit & came in & made dinner. Cadence & I played Dora Memory & then popped bubble wrap for like 15 mins. My hands were cramping from so much popping.
Ghost Hunters season premiere was on, but of course, I can't watch that by myself - so it's been dvr'd & I can't wait to watch it this weekend w/Dennis.
I did catch Cadence taking pictures of herself w/my camera while I was making dinner. It looks like she could be an artist or at the very least - have her own myspace page.

No big plans for tomorrow - just like tonite, I'll just come home & clean up & play w/the princess. I'd like to finish book 13 (I've been reading it forever - keep reading like 10 or 20 pages & forgetting where I'm at, so I re-read 10 of the previously read pages...grrr...

Looking forward to this weekend - Dennis has car care clinic again & of course, the event. I'm HOPING Mohawk gets adopted. I love him, but he needs his forever home! Of course, church on Sunday & other than those 3 things (& maybe some ot at work), we are doing nothing!!

Hope you have a great Thursday...
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