Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Friday nite I was able to get the house cleaned up. I was pretty tired & crashed about 11:45.
Saturday I got up & finished dusting & mopping. I told Alan I'd babysit Colin while he went to get his car fixed. He dropped off Colin, boy was Cadence happy! Angie came over to work on her paper for school & brought Heaven, so the 3 kids got to play their little hearts out.
Angie left for work & I took Colin home. I went over to Lisa's to run her to the store. Heaven was the only one that was well behaved during the shopping trip. Of course, she was in Lisa's cart- so I would be good too! :)
After I dropped Lisa off, I went back home & got Dennis & we went to Church. The service was great & the music awesome. Although, the first time since we have attended, Cadence's # came up on the screen to pick her up. I went back there & it was Heaven crying. I brought her into the chapel (the auditorium was packed!) w/us & she sat quietly during the rest of the service. She was even clapping when they finished playing the music. We took Heaven to Aunt Vicki's after church & we went home to color eggs.
Cadence had a blast coloring the eggs - loved getting the coloring all over herself...Not long after coloring the eggs, she passed out. We carried her up to bed, hid the eggs, made her basket & went to bed ourselves.This morning we got up & Cadence came down to look for her eggs. She had a blast! She didn't even really care about the basket - well, until she found all the eggs. We made deviled eggs w/the colored eggs & then waited for the family to show up.

She was still pretty tired & ready for me to quit taking pics!
Mom, Lisa, Alan, Jenny, Chai, Colin, Tae & Mike all got here around 3. We had ham, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, corn & biscuits. Dessert was brownies & apple pies. It was all delicious! And when my mom is around - there's always something burning up..this time it was a dish towel...
After they left, Cadence & I read some books, then she laid down to watch Ruby & Max. She was out by 7:30. Dennis carried her up to bed. The rest of the evening, Dennis & I are going to watch the dvr, since nothing good is on tv tonite.
Hope everyone had a great Easter!!
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