Monday, March 3, 2008

Our past weekend & Monday

Friday was supposed to be Lisa's tattoo party at my house, but the guy was sick & cancelled last minute. That was fine w/me b/c I was tired & didn't feel like a house full of not only people..but kids!! I spent the evening relaxing & playing with Cadence. We played Dora Candyland & then she was bored w/me & wanted to watch Little Bill. She is facinated w/that show. This last episode Little Bill & his classmates sent mail to each other - now she wants to send mail ALL the time! Ever piece of paper she gets, she folds & says "Here's my mail".
Saturday was super busy..we woke up early (well early for a weekend!), I took Dennis to the church's car care clinic for him to volunteer & dropped him off, took Cadence to Angie's to play w/Heaven & took Mohawk & Blue Eyes to the event. I left them there with the knowledge that Blue Eyes wouldn't be coming home w/us b/c someone had adopted her Fri nite. :(
Blue Eyes
Mohawk - still looking for his forever home..hint, hint..

I went to work from 11:30-2 and got a lot of stuff off my desk. It was nice b/c the phone wasn't ringing & I didn't have to worry about picking up odd things to do. I could focus completely on my work.
After I left work, I went back to the event & picked up Mohawk & then to Angie's to pick up Heaven & Cadence. We went & picked up Dennis & then Madison. What a fun ride that was. The girls took the whole back seat, so Mohawk laid on the floor of the passenger seat while I kept my feet on the dashboard. Thankfully, it only took us about 20 mins to get home.
When we got home, we unloaded the girls & the dog & took them in the house to play. It was about 4:30 at that point & thankfully, we had made plans to have dinner @ Dennis' mom's house. It was a blessing in disguise b/c I can't imagine having to cook while the 3 girls ran around like wild animals!

Madison, Heaven & Cadence

We went to Dennis' mom's at about 5:30 & she had the table set up & dinner ready when we walked in the door! Thanks Marge! She had salad, meat lasagna & veggie lasagna, garlic bread & for dessert - eclairs. Dinner was great & the eclairs better.

We left his mom's & stopped @ Krogers b/c I wanted pop & we needed dog food. Walking through the store w/3 3yr old girls was a challenge. They were really good, but they held hands and took up the whole aisle.

When we got home, they played non-stop. It looked like a tornado went through the back room. Around 10, Heaven came out and laid on the couch & watched tv w/us.
Heaven watching tv w/us
At 10:30, I had the Cadence & Madison put on their jammies. Angie came & picked up Heaven & then Sarah & Jeremy ended up coming back into town, so they came & got Madison.
I got to bed around 1 & fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow!!

Sunday, we got up for church - we had to be there early b/c I was working the Welcome Center this weekend. We got in & I checked in, the prayer w/the volunteers was said & I went out to the WC. I volunteer w/Pastor Lee's (the senior pastor) wife, Joi & her sister, the office manager, Jyl. They are very kind & I enjoy working w/them.
The message was about Hope - Lee gave a good sermon & towards the end he talked about all the great things Cedar Creek is doing 'Beyond Our Walls'. They showed some footage of the awesome things going on - the mission trips have lead to an orphanage for children that are infected with AID's & have lost their parents to the disease being built.
They showed a church in New Orleans that had mostly wind damage from Hurricane Katrina that Cedar Creek helped rebuild w/funds that they sent down.
Lastly they were showing things they do here - including after school programs for inner city kids - Adopt Christmas/Easter kids, Car Care Clinic for single moms & low income families - the work that is being done is great & I'm thrilled that God has brought us there to be a part of it.

Sunday evening was basically chill time - we had dinner early (around 4) and watched stuff we had dvr'd the past week.

Today was basically like every other Monday. I went to work & got off @ 4:30. I needed to run to the store, so I went straight there after work & stopped by Tina's to FINALLY drop off Justin's Christmas gifts (better late than never, right? - I suck!) Then I came home & made dinner & played My Little Pony's (including the 2 new ones she got as b/day gifts from Tina - thanks Tina & Justin - she loves them!) w/Cadence. She went to bed around 8:30 & of course, that was drama - she's learning to sleep all nite in her bed instead of ours. So after a million drinks & trips to go potty & of course she wanted her pink silpy instead of her purple one - oh and her teddy bear, she FINALLY fell asleep. Here's to hoping she stays in her bed all nite..

Well, I'm off to bed too - Have a great Tuesday!
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