Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's quiet nite?

Last nite, Dennis & I started the financial classes at church. It was very informative - we learned a lot and we're looking fwd to next weeks class. While we were at class, Cadence spent some time w/Nana & Mike. Then got to do what she really wanted...go to Uncle Alan's to play w/Colin! That's all she talked about all day, so she was very happy to get there. Unfortunately, she didn't stay long b/c we got there not long after she was dropped off.
, Alan called to see if I could watch Colin for him while they went to do laundry. I had already agreed help a friend get organized tonite, but she cancelled, so I agreed to watch Colin. I figured it'd be a semi-quiet nite - Colin to keep Cadence busy...much to my surprise, Lisa & Jody showed up w/their combined 5 kids. There went my dreams of a quiet nite in a clean house! That's ok though, not only did they bring pizza & pop, the kids ran non-stop & now Cadence has crashed! The kids all get along for the most part, so it's nice that they get to see each other once in awhile.
Jody & LisaNevaeh playing in my previously clean houseThe kids having funthe kids playingMalachai looking @ Jody's earrings-Cadence being nosey
Tomorrow I'm planning a FOR REAL quiet nite... Just Cadence & I. ::sigh:: I can't wait :) Have a great Wed - talk to you soon...
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