Monday, March 17, 2008

Erin Go Bragh!

It's been awhile since I've posted - so here's a quick update on the rest of last week...

Wed, I really did get my quiet day - it was great! Cadence & I chilled most of the evening playing & reading.

Thursday - well I don't really remember, so we must not have done anything too fun.

Friday - we went to dinner at McDonald's w/my mom. Cadence LOVES spending time w/her Nana.

Saturday - Dennis worked car care clinic at church. The family interested in Mohawk came over - they are GREAT!!! They can't adopt him until their dog is fixed. They'll find out if they can fix her 4/1. She had heart surgery right before Christmas to repair a whole in her heart. I LOVED the family - they were awesome!

Yesterday - It was my weekend to volunteer at the Welcome Center at church. Colin came over & played w/Cadence for a few hours. She was thrilled. Then Dennis made a fabulous dinner - a whole roasted chicken, cheesy potatoes, green beans & stuffing! Yum!!

Cadence & Colin
Cadence & Colin making funny faces
Colin, Me & Cadence

Today, I have a vacation day & Dennis started @ Toledo Hospital. I talked to him during his first break @ 9. He said he's just been watching videos so far. He's soooo excited. He went to bed early last nite (he had to be up @ 6 this am). It was weird to sleep while he left for work! Cadence & I will be cleaning today (bathrooms, floors, dusting - you know - the fun stuff!). Later this afternoon, we're going do a cool St. Patty's Day craft for GG. You know, I'm thinking I was totally born to be a stay at home mom...just stupid money got in the way...

Cadence watching a little tv, this morning, before cleaning time..
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