Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Friday!

Oh how I've longed for this day. Monday morning @ 7 am, when I woke up, I was dreaming of Friday. Friday @ 4:30 would be better, but I'm not that greedy - just Friday is enough for me right now! In 4 hours I will be home ready to enjoy my weekend. We're even supposed to be getting snow - so I WON'T be able to go anywhere!
The last few days have been pretty quiet, although I didn't get my "Simple Woman's Day" hope of having the house done by Wed. I've been so busy, I get a little down each evening, but tonite is the nite! The house WILL be done!
In other news - we're finally getting into a bedtime routine w/Cadence. It's been difficult b/c of the moving around & everything, but she's finally getting it..well she's at least getting to the part of sleeping in her own room. Now, if only she'd quit fighting sleep & go right to sleep!
Any ideas on how to get her to fall asleep quickly? I'm desperate!
After finishing cleaning up tonite, Cadence & I are going to bake chocolate chip cookies! Mmmm..

I also saw a gingerbread house kit on sale at Walmart yesterday & am seriously considering buying it tonite, to make this weekend. I think they're so cute & I know Cadence would love it! Dennis wants to do it from scratch, but dang…that's A LOT of work & more expensive than the $9 kit at Walmart!
We'll see..have a great weekend & be safe & Andrea if you're reading this - I'll always dial 212 before I call you - even if I'm calling NYC!
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