Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Have you ever asked the question…

Are the clothes in the dryer clean? I figured you didn't b/c, well the answer is obvious. However, Dennis called me at work today & asked that very question. So of course the girls & I were laughing about this and one of the other lady's said, "My nephew & his g/f moved in together when they were about 20, the g/f called my sister in law & asked 'how do I know which one is the washer & which one is the dryer'".
So, I guess this girl beat Dennis, but still..are the clothes in the dryer clean? Really??
Sticking to my "Simple Woman's Daybook' statement yesterday of "I am going to….finish Cadence's room", I did! She was helping of course, which made it so much longer, but that's ok, she's a good helper. I even walked in while she had the hammer & a nail in her hand to hammer into the wall - I can only see that ending badly, but I was there before she started to beat her hand bloody!
Last nite she was in her bed, asleep (or so I thought) and I was quick to fall asleep as well. Bella woke me early this morning to go outside, so as I entered the living room, I was quite surprised that it was so bright, being 5:30 and all. The brightness was due to every light in the house being on..hmmm..now how did that happen when my innocent little princess was asleep?
So, I put the dogs out, turning lights off as I passed. I go into her room and she's curled up in a ball w/her silpy covering her & her blanket on the floor. I realized how cold she must be, so I covered her up & laid back down until the alarm went off.
When I got up an hour later, I entered the bathroom to take a shower & what praytell was laying on the bathroom floor? Her pj's & pull-up. I realized, she must be completely naked! KIDS! Now, she hasn't slept in a pull up in 2 wks & when she was in her pull up she hasn't wet in it, since…I don't even know how long - 6 mos or so, but I knew, that today would be the first time in that 6 mos that she wet overnite and I wasn't disspointed. When I woke her little naked self, she was laying on a wet bed.
She was crying & tired b/c, who knows what time she went to sleep and now she had to get up and take a bath. It was not a good morning in the Stacey-Dell household, but after 20 mins, she was smelling good & warmly dressed.
Dennis had a class first thing this am, but was able to go home btwn that class & his 11 class, and get the blankets in the washer, which leads me to the original question…
Are the clothes in the dryer clean?
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