Friday, December 12, 2008

It's raining kittens...

For Christmas, Cadence would LOVE to have a kitten. Our cat Sativa hates Cadence…Sativa is almost 7 yrs old, she's got seniority on Cadence. I'm worried that one nite, while Cadence is lovingly FORCING Sativa to sleep w/her, Sativa will seek revenge & suffocate Cadence.
Yesterday I found an ad for free kittens. I drove to Wauseon to pick one up. My friend Amy is keeping it at her place until Christmas eve so that Cadence gets the kitten as a gift. Well there were 2 left, so I took them both. The gray one is sooooooooo loving & the whitish one loveeeeeessss to play!! They are adorable & I'm going nuts wanting Christmas to arrive so I can give them to her.

Noah chillin'

Noah on the left, Lolabelle on the right & Annabelle (Amy's parents dog)

Noah again - hmmm...I think Amy has a favorite...

Cadence & I baked cookies Tuesday - that was fun. She loves to help cook - it's always so much more mess, but really - isn't that what kids are about?
Looking forward to heading over to Kari's tonite. Just got an email she's having a little get together. Probably won't be able to stay long - I'm going to have to beg, borrow & steal to get a sitter, but I MISS Kari so much - it will be totally worth whatever I have to do to get a sitter!
I'm also going to stop by Denise's to pick up Cadence's Christmas pictures.
The kids Christmas party at work is tomorrow. Cadence will be excited to see Santa again. After that, we're going to do some Christmas shopping & then we should be all done for Christmas.
Have a great weekend!!
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