Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chai & Cadence

Monday's are Malachai's tutoring which means he's at school until 5:15. Lisa is already at work & someone usually needs to go pick him up from school. Since Dennis is on vacation this week, he went & picked him up while I picked up Cadence from daycare. We got home, I changed & we left to go to the park. It was so pretty out I didn't want to waste the day inside - not to mention that once again, they didn't go out at daycare…grrr.
We went to Asbury Park a couple miles from our house. It's a nice, quiet neighborhood & suprisingly, there were no other kids on the playground.
Cadence & Chai ran & played & played & played!
This is me standing above Malachai - who is under the playground equipment - do you see him?

I couldn't open this brand new bottle of Gatorade - I told Chai to take it to Dennis to open, to which he replied "I can do it". I shrugged - whatever.
Only he did it! Then I told him, I loosened it - he rolled his eyes & walked away!

Dennis played tag w/them & he almost had Chai - but amazingly, the tree became base - so Chai was safe!

After an hour, we left - it was 1/4 til 7 & we had to get Chai to daycare & Cadence home for dinner.
We got to daycare @ 7:04 & they asked if Chai had eaten, I said, no, she said, well he needs to be here by 7 in order to eat. Seriously, oh…. So, I said, ok, let's go Chai, we have to get you something to eat.
We stopped & got him McD's & took him back.
When we got home, Cadence ate, took her bath & crashed. It was a long day & she was exhausted. So was I!
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