Friday, March 27, 2009

The 2 week wait…

4/10 is my 21 wk u/s that we are hoping will tell us if Cadence is going to have a little sister or a little brother!
We're both so excited for this appointment and we're going to take Cadence with us. I'm certain she's going to get a kick out of seeing the baby.
I wish so much that this appt was sooner, but having high risk appts & seeing the regular OB, I don't want to miss too much work. I need to save time for my maternity leave and then for when I get back.
For this appointment, I won't even have to miss any work. It's at 3:15 & b/c it's Good Friday, we get to leave the office @ 1. Convenient, right?! Especially since I have a follow up appointment w/Dr. B the following Thursday @ 3 & am going to have to miss about 45 mins of work for that.
I'm still feeling pretty good, although for the last few days I have been a little more tired than usual.
Last nite Colin came down to play with Cadence for a few hours. It was a great distraction b/c I just wanted to relax and usually in the evenings, I spend the whole time playing/reading/arguing with her.
The weekend is going to be slow & I'm quite looking forward to it. Dennis' b/day is Sunday - so we'll have cake & ice cream & if it's warmer in the afternoon, go to the park.
Tonite, I'm going to go to the park w/Sarah, Dominic, Madison & Cadence. That should tire her out quite well! :)
In other news, we're looking into moving Cadence from the Y, sooner rather than later. My intentions have been to leave her there b/c she LOVES her swimming lessons & I think like the familiarity of being w/Heaven. But it is such a LONG drive & they don't take infants. We talked about it & thought leaving her there until the baby was born, so that things weren't completely out of whack for her - new school, new baby, new routine..sharing mom & dad - I didn't want her to have a breakdown. The plan was leave her in full time the first 2 wks after having the baby, then let her stay home w/us for a week, then send her back 2-3 days during week 4 & 5 of maternity leave & leave her home my last week off. When I'd start back to work, I was going to be taking both of them to a daycare much closer - one that I was still trying to find.
Today, I was just looking at some of the daycares closer to work & found the Childrens Discovery Center right DOWNTOWN!! 4 BLOCKS from my work!! That's perfect. We'll save so much on gas & time. I called Dennis & told him about it, so we're going to discuss it this weekend.
To be honest, while Cadence may enjoy swim lessons & art class, I really don't like it. I mean, it's not that I don't like it, but I don’t get the same vibe I got when I'd pick her up from TH. There they were outside playing ALL the time and ALL the teachers were so kind & we would carry on 10 min conversations over everything - not just about daycare. The Y does not go outside, even when it's nice out. I don't get that. Since last Wed, they've only gone out ONE time. That's ridiculous.
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