Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So impatient..

On one week & 2 days I will be heading to the drs for my 18 wk check up. I'm HOPING that when she does the u/s (I get one at every appt), she will take a peek for the sex.
Does it matter? No - but do I HAVE to know - YES!
I'm so impatient - I would have been happy to know at conception. Is anything going to change if I know- not really, but I do hate suprises.
It would be nice to prepare Cadence for what will be joining us in 23 wks - a brother or a sister. I mean, other than that, there is no reason for me to need to know, other than complete impatience.
So for the next 9 days, I will be driving myself crazy, wondering what we're having…and that's even if she looks or if she can even see anything…
Oh Baby!
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