Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sarah & I hadn't gotten together in awhile, our work schedules sometimes clash & most of our conversations are when Sarah is driving home from work. If my phone rings at 7:40 I know w/o looking at my phone, who is calling.
And if you call me btwn 7:40 & 8 and I don't answer, you now know why.
Anyway, she invited me to dinner & to take the kids to the park. Cadence has been missing Madison terribly, so I said, let's do it.
I met her at TX Roadhouse & got this wonderful server - Jenny - if you go to the TX Roadhouse on Airport - ask for her section & tip her well!
I was surprised to only see Madison w/her - Cadence was thrilled to see Madison!
We ate & talked & complained - it was very therapeutic.
After we finished eating, we were heading to the park. I took Madison w/me & Sarah was long gone before I even backed out of my parking spot.
I get to the park & Sarah isn't there. So I call her, thinking maybe she turned the wrong way on Airport. I said, wow - how convenient that I end up w/both the kids & you leave before me & I'm at the park before you…hmmm..that seemed planned.
She laughed & joined us 5 mins later.

We sat & talked & laughed some more - at least for a 1/2 hr. Finally, we buckled to the cold & went home.

Cadence slept VERY well Friday nite! All that fresh air does wonders for knocking kids out.
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