Friday, March 6, 2009

Big sister material

Yesterday I had to have my blood drawn for my quad screen & to check the thickness/thinness of my blood. I had to go straight after work, so Dennis picked Cadence up for me & brought her to me at work.
We headed straight to the lab & after checking in, sat & waited for my turn.
There was a guy there w/his 6 month old son. He was so cute (the baby, hehe) and Cadence was making him laugh.
When they went back, Cadence sat next to me & said, what are we here for. I said, well they're going to put a shot in mommy's arm & take some blood to make sure I'm not sick.
She said, you have shots at home.
I said, it's different shots - this hurts a little.
She said, ok.
A few minutes later, the baby started screaming. Cadence's eyes got really big & she ran over to me.
"What's wrong w/the baby?"
I said, they had to put a shot in his arm & take some of his blood & it hurts.
She was standing in front of me & placed her hands on my stomach & said, you don't have the baby in your belly anymore.
I said, I don't?
She said, no, the baby is in my belly now.
I said, ok - why?
She said, so the baby doesn't get hurt when they give you your shot..
After I was done getting the blood work & we were walking back to the elevator, she said, ok, the baby is back in your belly now..
She's gonna be a good big sister!
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