Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

The last week has been so busy, I'm happy for it to be done!
We spent 3 days at practice, to get the girls ready for Sats competition in Kettering. They did a really good job, I was so proud of Cadence. The last few exhibitions that we've been too, she's frozen in the beginning then then finally warms up & puts some effort into it at the end. This time around, she did really good beginning to end!
She & the other girls are lucky to have such patient & caring coaches. Us moms are too - I don't fret leaving her in their hands.
There was that one coach at her gymnastics class @ Exceleration that was so awful. She did not need to be working around children - that was for sure. But Cadence only had her two times & we never saw her again, guess she figured it out too.
Not much going on in the baby world. I had an u/s last Thurs & the dr was running an hour late & didn't really spend much time w/me (in effort to try and catch up, I presume), but that meant she didn't really give any attempt to see what the baby is.
It's fine, but a little dissapointing. I get that she was behind, but I had been waiting over an hour to see her, so can I get 10 mins of your time, please?
My next u/s is 4/10 & it will be at the high risk dr. Please say a small prayer (I know this is a bit selfish) that we don't get the un-friendly u/s tech AGAIN. I've had her the 2x's I've had u/s's there & she's awful.
Also, our baby is now about the size of a can of soup. I've attached a picture of baby - who do you think he/she resembles? I can see a lot of Cadence, w/the blond hair and all- haha.
Not many plans for the coming days. I have a dentist appt & cheer tomorrow & have to get blood work sometime this week.
I like it low-key. Looking forward to doing a lot of relaxing.
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