Thursday, April 14, 2011

Better late than never & Willow Tree Figure give-away - CLOSED

Last Friday & Saturday were pretty busy, I still don’t think I’ve had time to catch up from them. Friday after I got home from work, Cadence went to Colin’s to stay the nite & Dennis helped Erica move. I watched her kids while they were gone. It was a lot of work for Erica & Dennis & by the time they got back, it was after 12:30! They were both exhausted & sore…I felt bad, but honestly – I’d watch the kids any day over all that physical labor! HA!
Saturday I went to work for about 4 ½ hrs (blah to working on Saturdays!) – while I was at work, Dennis put a new faucet in his mom’s bathroom & helped Erica finish moving. After work, I went home to get ready for Chai’s 8th b/day party at Stephie’s house. We got there a little late, but had a good time anyway.

There were lots of crazy kids running around – Cadence was eating when we walked in…but left minutes later to run around the backyard.

We left Steph’s a few hours later w/our girls & Heaven & Colin to go to a Premier jewelry party @ Aunt Vicki’s. Cai, Colin & Heaven were cracking us up on the way there...they are all lovers of the Bieber...Check this video out of them jamming!

Once we got to Aunt Vicki's it was more running for the kids..including Bry falling down the stairs..oops! Randi was there so that meant cuddle time w/Aiden. Ohhhh…he was so cuddly & sleepy. I didn’t want to share him..i kissed him over & over & over..he’ll probably have a bald spot on his head from all the kissing!

After picking out a pretty necklace & booking a party for May

and visiting with the family...

we headed home....
Even though it didn’t feel like it, we had been there over 2 hrs…so it was well after 9:30 by the time we walked in the door at home.

Colin stayed the nite & while all 3 kids were tired, he & Cai were close to an exhaustion meltdown! Shortly after walking in the door Bryleigh was fast asleep in her crib & around 10:30 Colin & Cadence had crashed on the couch watching the Smurfs.

Dennis & I followed suit in our room. It was a long day & we were probably both asleep before our heads hit the pillows!

Sunday I slept in til 9:30ish…I got up, cleaned up the house & took a shower…it was warm out & I’m not sure if was the fact that it was so warm after being so chilly, but I started getting a crazy, mad migraine. I retreated to my room taking 2 headache pills & downing a pop. It wasn’t long before Dennis was waking me for dinner…I couldn’t believe I slept so long.

Dinner was good & when Alan got there to pick up Colin, he gave me a foot rub…it was fantastic.
Even with a 3 hr nap, I was crawling into bed @ 9 and sound asleep before 10.

Looking forward to another fun filled weekend this coming up weekend too! But before we get that far…


A friend of mine gave me a Willow Tree figure that she had doubles of…turns out, I also have doubles of it as well! I keep one in the bedroom & one in the family room. So this one needs a new home…

To enter for your chance to win the Willow Tree Figure, please do following & leave a separate comment for each entry:

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2. Comment & tell us what your favorite Willow Tree item is
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Please leave an email address if you do not have a blog

The winner will be chosen via the Random Number Generator on 4/19 & announced here that evening.

Thank you & Good Luck!!
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