Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SHHHH…. You’re at Cheer practice!!

Preface: Cai used to cheer for CSE…last March, the owner decided she needed to ‘retire’ to focus on her kids who are getting older & getting involved in different activities. Coaching takes a lot of time, but owning & coaching was practically her life & w/2 little ones at home, she decided she needed to put more attention on them. Everyone was sad, but understood. She’s a great coach – but a better mom!

When this happened, we searched for another team, choices were limited in our area & we finally decided to stay at the gym were CSE had practiced, though were weren’t fans of the owners.

In August, Cai’s old coaches from CSE sent out a letter they were starting a cheer team. Since they were new & small (they started late in the season) they couldn’t afford much. One of the local Church’s lets them use their gym to practice in for free.

After talking to Cadence, we decided this would be the best fit for us & I moved Cadence over & we haven’t looked back.

Present: Yesterday I got a text from Cai’s coach that the girls had to be quiet at practice b/c there was a showing in the Chapel…My heart broke for the family…then she said it was for a baby. My heart broke a little more…

I was unsure how to explain to Cadence why she had to be quiet. I mean it’s easy to say, ‘be quiet during practice’ but it’s practice, they are always loud so being quiet doesn’t make sense.

I debated how I should tell her, do I tell her the reason – the WHOLE reason, or just the showing part? She’s 6, what does she need to know? I debated for awhile before deciding to tell her the truth. I called her before Chels picked her up for practice & told her it was important to be quiet at practice. Even if the other girls were loud, she needed to be very quiet. I explained there was a funeral on the carpet (when they practice in the lobby, Cai says ‘we were on the carpet today’). I reminded her of the many showings we’d been too & how everyone is sad at them. So having to listen to the girls be noisy might bother them. She asked who died. I told her it was a baby & the mommy & daddy were very sad – so please remember that when you’re at practice & be respectful. 

When I got to practice to pick her up, I asked another mom how the girls were. She said they were all very quiet & did a great job! I was so proud of them. It’s not easy for the younger ones (3-8 yrs old) to control their energy after being at school all day & our girls did. Just another reminder of how lucky we are to have such good girls & great coaches!

I looked in the paper to see the baby's obituary.  My heart broke all over as I read he was 10 mos old & had been ill his whole life.  I pray for God's strength for his family during this difficult time.

May you fly with the Angels, Little One...

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