Monday, April 4, 2011

Orthopedic Appt for possible spine curvature & Cheer Parent Meeting

Cadence had her 1 yr follow-up w/the ortho dr. She originally started seeing him b/c she walks so pigeon toed & was tripping a lot. Last year as he was examining her, he noted her spine might have a slight curve & w/the family history of spine curvature, he wanted to see her in a year.
While we waited for the dr. to come in, the girls played & were really good. It’s always touch & go at dr appts. Sometimes they are overly anxious about seeing the dr & act insane. Today, they were just happy little girls playing.

Her appointment was well, the dr said there was no curve, she looked perfect! WOO!! I was concerned b/c of Dennis’ families backs…I felt a lot better after this appointment!

After the appointment, we ran over to Randi’s room & saw her & Aiden.

He’s so darn cute! Randi is in a lot of pain, but she did a great job! I hope she heals quickly..i hate seeing my family in pain.

After Cadence’s practice today, there was a parent meeting..they talked about next seasons competitions, tryouts & fundraising. I’m looking forward to the competition, Cadence loves it them & I love seeing her out on the floor giving her all!

Tonite has been pretty low key…Bryleigh was extremely fussy & I put her to bed a few mins before 8:30. She cried for like 15 mins. I felt bad, but she was miserable for most of the evening!

Tomorrow after work, Cadence has practice & Dennis has school. Cadence has to work on her journal - during spring break that's her homework. Also she only needs two more sight words & she'll know them all! I'm hoping by weeks end, she'll have them memorized!

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