Friday, April 15, 2011

Lipoma Surgery Day - UPDATED!

Today Dennis is having surgery to remove his lipomas...actually, right now.... I just left him as they wheeled him back to the operating room.
He has 11 in his right arm, but the dr is only removing 6 b/c the other 5 are too small & he said he'd end up in there digging around and causing scar tissue.

Dennis is excited to be getting them removed.  He's had them for years but as of late they have been bothering him.  If he bumps them or the kids jump on him & hit them they shoot pain down his arm to his hand. 

The recovery time will be about 3 weeks and then he'll go back in for his left arm.  He has 4 in that one.  The dr said they'll keep coming back - he's had patients come in and have up to 10 surgeries to remove them...he said it can be 50 - 100 lipomas per person.  Dennis cringed - but right now he just wants the painful ones removed.

After I get him home & settled in, I'm going to take the girls to the park & for ice cream. 

This little guy greated us as we entered the hospital this morning!

Cadence has a competition tomorrow morning for another Cheer 4 A Cure.  I'll have to get her home to get her showered & to bed early.  After the C4AC she will be going to a beauty pagent w/her team b/c the girls will be performing during..pagent 1/2 time - or whatever it's called  :)

I can't wait to see the girls perform tomorrow - they are so cute when they get out on the floor with their hair all done up & their makeup on.  Cai LOVES comps!  Hopefully Dennis will feel well enough to go.

Still another hour before his surgery is complete...guess I'll read my book for awhile...


Dennis is out of surgery & in recovery. I'm waiting to go back to see him. The dr (who is very good looking & has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen - ahem) said he did great. They were able to remove all 6. The largest one was sitting on top of a nerve, which is why everytime he bumped it, he had shooting pain.
Healing time will be about 3 weeks and then they'll do the left arm!
While sitting in the waiting room, I joyously sat next to a woman on her cell phone talking to a family member about her son. He apparently has moved in to some trailer park w/this trailer trash family - that lives on welfare. She's dissapointed b/c she knows they are going to bring him down. She told the g/f she was a slut & the girls mom got on the phone & told her she was going to kick her ass.
ummm...sweet? sounds like you in-laws are going to get along well. The kicker - the girl told her she was pregnant, but her son denied it. Sounds like a healthy relationship...
Anyhoo....Thanks for the prayers!!
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