Monday, April 4, 2011

Screening, Cord Prolapse & Aiden Joseph

Friday was pretty laid back. I was happy to get off work & after a quick trip home to change my clothes we went to visit Marge & Dave. She bought us dinner from McD’s & Cadence stayed the nite.

Saturday my mom came over to watch Bryleigh while Dennis & I went to volunteer at Planned Pethood. I was screening & he helped setup, tear down & take dogs out to use the bathroom.
I LOVED all the dogs there! Some of my favorites from the day were Sally, Sophie & Tyson.
Also, this cat w/the Humane Society, was cracking me up. He totally looked like he was saying FML. Poor guy! Ha!

Cadence was dropped off to us at the store and about 20 mins before it was time to go, she threw up all over the bathroom…I felt so bad!
She was pretty lethargic the rest of the day – fell asleep at like 7:30 even.

However, when she woke up Sunday morning, she was back to her happy self! We were feeling a little like we had cabin fever, so we decided to take a small drive. We ended up in Kari’s neck of the woods & stopped by, but she wasn’t home…

After about an hour of driving, we went home to relax. I was also waiting for word on how Randi’s labor was coming. Around 6, Angie texted me that they broke her water, so I headed up to the hospital to wait & greet Aiden w/the rest of the family.

Around 7:40 Randi started having complications…she then had cord prolapsed. They wheeled her back for an emergency c-section. It was so scary. The dr was on the gurney w/her holding the umbilical cord inside of her.
However, Aiden Joseph was born crying loudly, healthy as can be @ 7lbs 4oz 21 inches long! Randi lost quite a bit of blood, but they were finally able to control & she didn’t have to have a transfusion.

I left the hospital before Aiden came out to meet everyone – but got plenty of pics from Aunt Vicki!

Welcome to the family Aiden Joseph – we are so happy you’re here!
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