Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Catch-Up Tuesday

2 Friday's ago, after Dennis' surgery, we headed out to Selena’s to pick up Bry & then headed home. I got Dennis in the house & got him situated, laid B down for a nap & then went to the bus stop to get Cai.
She & I headed to the store for some milk & tissues, then headed to Andy & JoJo’s to take some pizza home for dinner…plus I love going in there to see the cute owners – ha!

We went home & had dinner and after dinner, Dennis laid back down & I took the girls to meet Andrea for ice cream. I really wanted to take them to the park, but it was pouring down rain & chilly. Once we got to Tony’s Cones & Coney’s Cai couldn’t wait to get some ice cream. Andrea’s dad was too kind & let her have TWO ice-creams! First she had a small chocolate cone & then she had a small flurry. She ate both all gone! She’s her mama’s girl for sure – haha!
Bry showed no interest – she gags herself when she eats food that has a soft texture. She’s such an odd ball. After we visited for a little while, we headed back home for baths & bed.

Both girls fell asleep quickly, which was good b/c we had to get up early for Cai’s competition.

When I woke Cai up Saturday morning, she was so excited to go to a competition. She loves them & rarely gives me any problems when she’s getting ready.
We got to Southview & got everything unloaded & went in to wait for Chelsea to do their makeup.

Even though the seniors were not performing, they came to root on their ‘little sister’s’ & Cadence’s super awesome cheer sister, Harley, brought her a super awesome gift!
Check out this cute Barbie duffel bag, 2 barbies, bubbles & beach ball she gave her! Whoa!

I was excited b/c Cai was able to give her the gift from Thirty One. How cute is this little change purse?
Harley’s was embroidered w/her initials hDa.

She seemed to really like it when she opened it – then she asked if I put her initials on there – ha! No way!

The girls looked super cute competing & did a really great job! I was so proud!
After awards (they got 2nd), we went home to relax for a few hours before their performance at the intermission of the Midwest Galaxy Pageants at the Indoor Maumee Theatre.

When we got to the theatre, the girls got to watch the contestants practice…then the show started. It was a long day & not long before the girls performed, you could see how anxious they were getting. After a donation of 1200 pairs of socks were given to Hannah’s socks from the pageant contestants, the girls performed. They rocked it out – AGAIN & we finally were free to go home.

We walked in the door & Cai changed into her pj’s. She was exhausted & ready for bed. So was I. Dennis was sleeping on the couch b/c he didn’t want me to bump his arm in the middle of the nite, so Cai snuggled in bed w/me & we were both asleep w/in minutes.

Around 11 Dennis came in & woke me up b/c his arm was so sore. We woke up the girls, packed them up & took him to the ER. They ended up admitting him & giving him antibiotics for the infection he had. Ugh..
He was released around 5 pm Sunday evening…after picking him up & his scripts, it was back to Sunday’s routine of bathing the girls & getting them to bed.

After this weekend – I really needed a vacation!

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