Friday, April 29, 2011

Prayer & Blood - please help...

As we watched the Weather Channel & various news stations covering the tornado hitting AL on 4/27, I had flashback to 11 months earlier when we were hit by an EF-4. Eight people died, the high school I graduated from was destroyed, the police station gone too…

 The picture below was circulated over the national news many times over, it happens to be my mom’s friends home, which has since been demolished & is being rebuilt.

I have been an emotional mess the last week, I’m not sure if it’s PMS hormones or maybe needing an adjustment in my medications, but watching the scenes coming out of AL have made me cry more than once.
I know God has plans for these people and I know the 284 lost lives are now rejoicing because they are home with our Savior, but for the families left behind & trying to pick up the pieces, I pray they do not lose their faith.

Alabama destroyed
 Listening to K-Love yesterday, the deejay asked listeners from the AL area to call in with suggestions for the most needed donations..
I was touched by a listener who called in saying they are in desperate need of blood donations for the tornado victims...
It’s not to say they don't need food, clothes or shelter..but asking for BLOOD - not a material item, a life saving donation.
I wish I could give but because I’m on blood thinners I cannot – thankfully Dennis can AND is giving this weekend.
I know the economy is hard on everyone now, gas prices are $4.15/gallon…but blood is free. Please, while you’re sitting in your comfy chair watching cable & facebooking on your laptop, take a moment to pray, then set the computer down, turn off the tv & head to your local blood bank & help save a life!
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