Tuesday, May 12, 2009

100 days & Please Pray for Kayleigh

100 days til our newest edition will join us. 100 days til Cadence is a big sister. 100 days til I'm mom to 2 precious little girls & 100 days til we're a family of 4!

Ok - so it's probably less than a 100 days since I'll be induced about a week or 2 early, but it's 100 days til my actual due date & I'm excited.

When I first saw 100 days on my pregnancy progress website, I thought…100 days - that's forever!! But then I thought, I've known since I've had 258 days to go, so that put it into perspective.

At my u/s last week, I was told the baby weighs 1.7 lbs. She didn’t tell me how long she was though.

I'd also like to ask for prayers for Kayleigh's family. Kayleigh left this world to be w/God yesterday. My heart broke for this family as I read their latest news. She was in the NICU since she as born 11 months ago. Things looked so good & during her last surgery something happened where she didn't get oxygen to her brain. They were hoping they'd be able to bring her home so that they could spend as much time w/her before she left this life behind, but sadly, it was not possible.

Next Monday, Cadence will start her new daycare. She's really excited & so am I. The gas & time we'll save is going to make a big difference. It will be so much less stressful.

We're looking forward to a nice weekend. Madison is staying the nite on Fri (at least that's the plan - hopefully she'll stay free of sickness!) & Sat we're going to take the girls to Claire's Day at the library. After we'll head over to Jeff & Selena's for a cookout.

Sunday we're going to lunch w/some of Cadence's friends from daycare. She's VERY excited!
I smiled as I typed about our plans for this weekend & as I finished, I felt my face frown - why? Because it's ONLY Tuesday!

Come on weekend - we're ready & waiting!!

And for your enjoyment (& let's be honest - the real reason you're here) random pics of Cadence being chased by Hudson...

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