Friday, May 8, 2009

An update to help w/Andrea's boredom...

I guess I took a little unplanned break from blogging. I've been busy & it doesn't seem like it's been a week already! My apologies as I remedy this w/a NEW post.. HA!!
I'm happy to report that the tech confirmed that baby is in fact a little girl & she's healthy & right on schedule - side note, when doing the measurments, she stated "awww..she has a small head"….not that there's a reason to point this out...

We're very excited & Cadence is constantly talking about her sister.
We have no name picked yet and when we do, we are going to keep it secret probably until baby is here or shortly before she arrives.
Cadence has made it VERY clear, this baby will not be called Princess, which is what we call Cadence. This little girl is going to be Duchess…I know, you're jealous b/c of all the royalty in this household! :)
And believe me when I say, I'm THE Queen!
As I type this, the Duchess is kicking and moving & have a grand old time in there. She's not extremely active when I get home, mostly during the day while I'm at work (I'm wondering if it's a temper tantrum b/c we're at work - believe me, I feel the same way!). It kind of bums me out that she's not a kicker when I get home, I want Cadence to feel her kick, but by the time I get home, she's not very active & it's always just a kick here & there.
Even right now, as soon as I lay my hand or Cadence's on my belly, she stops…great - already doing things her way…
During the past week, we've relaxed & celebrated.
Our Godson Justin made his Holy First Communion last weekend. What a wonderful gift he's taken part of.
Randi celebrated her 25th (oh yea, 1/2 way to 50 baby!) b/day. It was fine & I was paranoid when I saw that Dj was sick…

Cadence watching Randi open gifts


Dj & Randi

Randi & her gifts
Lisa & Randi

Cadence crashed when we left!

Wed Dennis & I celebrated 14 yrs together. OMG, that's a long time.

Today Dennis took Cadence to the park to play before the rain came - he let her ride her bike. As you can see, he let her ride w/o a helmet. I wasn't too pleased. This is her crying b/c she fell off her bike.

This is her license plate w/her name!

And here she is burning rubber...

And finally waiting for me to get out of work...

Tomorrow will be a sad day for Jenny as she buries her Grandma.
Tomorrow will be a happy day for Dennis' cousin Beth as she celebrates at her Bridal Shower.
For Mother's Day, we're going out to dinner (at least that is the plan as of today). Things change quickly in this family - so who knows what Sunday will actually hold.

Until the next time - Have a GREAT weekend!

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