Monday, May 18, 2009

First Day of School…sort of…

Cadence started back to school today at her new daycare, CDC. It was really a debate as to when to start her back. I wasn't going to send her back b/c Dennis is off & she can stay home & enjoy being the only child at home - since that will be ending in 94 days.

The only reason to send her now was b/c the adminstrator pointed out that w/summer coming up, the spots could fill up & there wouldn't be room for Cadence once Dennis is released to work & school starts up.

Armed w/that, we pushed her into school/daycare earlier than we'd thought. She was very anxious this am while we were getting her ready…once there, she was impressed by the huge sail boat in the play room. It's 1/2 inside the building & 1/2 outside..

Here she is on the "dock" that leads up to the boat (please ignore her hair - I didn't do it b/c I was running late & it's still a little damp from her bath).

After checking out the boat for a minute, we headed into her new classroom. We met her am teacher Ms. Maria. She was very nice & had a very warm smile. Cadence didn't care, she just stood there quietly.

There was only one little girl in the room & Cadence wouldn't talk to her. I knew she'd be happy once they started playing, but I felt bad b/c she's always so shy at first.

I left & was giving her lots of kisses when she said, "That's enough kisses mom". FINE!
I called around 10:30 to check on her & Ms. Maria said she was having a blast & riding bikes. I was happy that she warmed up so quickly.

Dennis took her blanket up to her @ 12:15 & she ran over hugged & kissed him & said, ok, I'm eating, bye.

When I picked her up, she showed me around the inside playground…
She climbed the rock wall (sorry about the quality - it's w/my phone)

Went down the slide (sorry no pics)...
And played in the ball pit.

On our way home she told me she loved it but wanted to swim. I told her that they don't have swimming at this school, so she was a little bummed. But overall, I think she loved it - so it will be ok.

Dennis & I both noticed the difference in her attitude when we talked about school this evening. She was smiling & bragging. She NEVER did that w/the Y & she was good w/Toledo Hosp, but this is different - she really seems to love it.
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