Tuesday, May 19, 2009


In previous posts I've talked about growing up Catholic & not learning a lot. I've also talked about Dennis & how he went to Catholic school his whole life, so he knows a lot about the religion.
When we found out we were pregnant with Cadence, we were thankful & believed that God would get us through the pregnancy stronger than ever, despite my medical problems & with the result of a beautiful daughter.

When she was about 5 wks old, we had her baptized. It was a beautiful ceremony & we took the whole process very seriously. I may have been very lax, but this was a serious commitment & finding Godparents was a big responsibility.
We were honored to have my Aunt Vicki & Uncle Jay accept our request & they are Cadence's Godparents.

Aunt Vicki is also my Godmother - which funny enough - Cadence was talking to me last week & she kept talking about my 2 moms. I said, I don't have 2 moms. She said, yes you do. She was getting very annoyed w/me & my obvious stupidity (it happens often) & finally said, duh, mom - nana & Aunt Bicki (she always had problems w/her V's & so this stuck - kind of like Aunt Sisa).
Anyway, when we started going to Cedar Creek, it was easy for me to follow their beliefs. They made sense. We had Cadence dedicated (they do not do baptisms for children, they feel baptism is something you choose when you allow Jesus into your life - obviously kids/babies are too young for that decision making process) & it felt good.

With this pregnancy, from the beginning we have agreed that while we cherish the teachings of CC, we will be getting this bundle of joy baptized. Of everything that was taught (& forgotten) to me about Catholicism, baptism is the one thing I completely understand & the one sacrament I feel called to complete for my children.

That being said, we again took finding the Godparents for her very seriously. From the start we discussed one person for the Godmother & discussed at length the Godfather.

We are happy to announce that Baby (m)SD (hehe) will be baptized on 9/20 (Gramma is even extending her stay so that she can attend!!) at Our Lady Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral & her Godmother will be Kari (probably one of the kindest women you will ever meet - what better role model?!) & her Godfather will be Jeremy (a wonderful friend of Dennis' who we both adore!).

We are so excited & cannot wait to celebrate this with our family & friends!

"I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety." Psalm 4:8
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