Sunday, May 10, 2009

Look at that...another post!

Nothing impressive to report - just some fun pictures & stories.

Cadence is starting to become interested in the computer & computer games. She has NEVER shown an interest. I was happy b/c she always prefers to be outside playing or doing puzzles or playing card games, which is good - I don’t want her to be one of those kids that let's their life revolve around the computer.

We bought her some educational games which she LOVES, but also a fun Polar Bear Winter Olympics game. It has bowling, golf & tubing. She likes the bowling best.

A few nites ago, I decided to play my Sims game - which I have not played in months. She wanted to watch & insisted I make her as one of the characters. She loved telling me to make her go to bed or change her clothes or play w/the toys. I played for about 45 mins & when I was done, she begged me to let her play.

Anyone that has played Sims knows it's an easy game but for a 4 yr old to grasp when her people need to eat, sleep & go to the bathroom, she's not gonna get it. I decided to let her play for 10 mins. I gave her one of the generic families in the game, which had a mom, a baby son & a teen son. She mostly just bought stuff for their house.

The next day, she asked to play again, this time I let her play for 20 mins. Later that evening, I decided I wanted to play for a bit. She asked me to play her people. I went in to the house & said, where's the mom? She said, oh the monster came & got her. I laughed so hard. Again, if you've played Sims, you know that if you don't fulfill your people's needs (bathroom, bathing, eating, sleeping), the Grim Reaper comes & takes them away. So, the "monster" came & took the mom away. Her headstone was in the front yard.

Here's some pics from our weekend. Nothing amazing, but just a fun family time.

We went to the park & brought one of her kites w/us. Last time it was Strawberry Shortcake & today we brought Dora. Dennis had a blast & the wind was so strong he was able to get the kite up & let out all 50 ft of string!!

Cadence had fun swinging & playing on the playground equipment.

Here's she's yelling at Dennis not to get the kite caught in the tree!

And after we left the park we saw the ice cream truck. We stopped & she picked a powerpuff popsicle. It was a little scary looking & didn't really look like the picture on the wrapper...

but she enjoyed it!

Soon we'll be a family of 4. I still can't wrap my head around it, but I can't wait either!

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