Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun Friday!

So, it started off w/Dennis meeting me at work Fri to drop off Cadence. He went to pick up Taevion & I headed home to change & to change Cadence. The plan was to drop Tae off at his other daycare, but Dennis said he was so cuddly & happy to see him, that we could just take him w/us & he'd take care of him..okay.

He came back to our place, we piled into the van & headed off to get Madison.
She was ready to go as soon as I walked up to the door, so we headed to gymnastics to meet Lynn, Alayna & Ally.

When we got there, I realized I had forgotten my camera :(
Dennis volunteered to run home & get it, if I'd keep Tae. So I agreed.

Lynn & I chatted while all the girls played. Mostly they just jumped on the floor trampoline & played on the wedges. But they had fun. Dennis got back & I got a few shots.

I was certain the girls would be EXHAUSTED from a 2 hr physical play & that falling asleep would be quick & painless.

I really wanted to go out to dinner after, but I was just physically drained. I hadn't really been home since leaving @ 7:30 that morning & it was 8:15 & I was beat. I said, let's just get pizza & go home.

We picked up some Pizza Hut (gotta love the family discount!) & headed home. The girls ate & watched Sprout. It's now about 9:15, my eyes were burning & I am having an extremely hard time staying awake.

We're letting the dogs out, opening the couch bed, making it up, changing the girls & laying them down. Dennis agreed to stay up w/them while I went to sleep. I LOVE HIM! :)

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