Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back to Work!!

Tonite is Dennis' first day back to work since he was originally taken off on 4/8! He's gonna be tired tonite.
Cadence & I are pretty much just relaxing. I had big plans to work on spring cleaning my room, but haven't started as of yet & with only an hour before bath time, I'm not seeing it happen...

Here's a cute picture of Taevion & Lisa's best friend's new baby Jo'siah.
Is he not friggin adorable..I mean they both are, but look at that yummy little baby. It makes it seem like these next 12 wks are going to be FOREVER!

Nothing else exciting to report. An auto rating test at work tomorrow - yuck. Hoping I do well - only one more after this one.

Looking forward to this weekend. Again, a weekend of nothing to do - but I'm liking it. I've been feeling the exhaustion the last week or so & last week it just made me physically sick. I enjoyed this past weekend of napping & relaxing!

Til tomorrow....

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