Sunday, May 24, 2009

3 days is not enough

I was quite happy on Fri when we were allowed to leave @ 3:00 to start enjoying our 3day weekend.

I went home & cleaned up a little & then waited for Madison to come over. Sarah & Jeremy were going to see a movie when she got off work & Dominic was at Aunt Sandy's, so it was a perfect time for Cadence to have a play date.
Sarah texted me to see if we just wanted Madison to stay the nite & after making sure Dennis' cousin wouldn't care if there was an extra kid running around at her shower in the am, we said sure.
Madison was excited…til bedtime. Then she cried a little that she wanted Sarah, but of course it was almost 11 at the point, so I just told her we'd be having fun on Sat & she'd be fine.
She fell asleep quickly & we were left to fight w/Cadence. After a 1/2 hr, she was finally out too.

The next morning around 7, Dennis headed over to his moms to help his brother do yard work. We joined them there a little before 9. I was running late - I just didn't feel very well Sat morn.
His mom's allergies were acting up, so she was running behind too. After waiting for Dennis to finish up & then shower, it was pointless to even head over, so we skipped his cousins house (would have been nice to sleep in rather than wake the girls for nothing..) & hit up the Memorial Day Parade downtown.
It was really nice…here are some pics of the parade..

Cadence did NOT like the fire truck horn!

This girl actually stopped & posed while Dennis was taking pics..

Here's Madison & Cadence having fun..(poor Cadence, she's so short!)

After the parade, we took Madison home & headed home ourselves. I was really exhausted, actually had been pretty tired all week & laid down to take a nap. It ended up being an almost 4 hour nap!! I felt so good when I woke up.
Even though it was after 5 when I finally crawled out of bed, I had no problems getting back in there @ 10:30!

Yesterday we did absolutely nothing. I did get the rest of her closet & bedroom cleaned. The front room, laundry room, kitchen & pantry have also been 'spring cleaned'. All that's left is the living room, closet, basement & my bedroom. It's still a lot, but considering what I did have on my plate - this is nothing!

I plan to finish the living room, closet & bedroom throughout the week, during the evening. Next weekend, we have no plans, so I told Dennis that we're going to get that done.
He rolled his eyes…

Today we went to Dennis' mom's for a cookout. Surprisingly, it was a little too chilly outside for me.
So I enjoyed my dinner (turkey dogs, spagetti salad & deviled eggs) in the house, while reading sTORI Telling. Don't laugh - read it. She's quite funny & brutally honest. I LOVE it! Thanks Trixie for the recommendation!

Cadence joined me in the house not much later b/c the breeze was knocking over her plate. She watched Phineas & Ferb & ate most of her food.

After I finished my dinner, I enjoyed a yummy piece of chocolate chip dough cheesecake. Mmmm…

Here is Dennis Mom, her friend Mary, her sister Liz & Liz's daughter-in-law, Gail..

We came home shortly after & I read more library books to Cadence & we played go fish.
Now that it's close to 9, we're going to start getting ready for bed.

Until tomorrow...

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