Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

I have an interesting story to share from last nite…at the time I was completely panicked & was so freaked out, I was giving myself an upset stomach…
Today, I feel a little better…

I went to bed around 9:30, falling asleep almost instantly. Cadence was still awake, but Dennis was in bed too, so she just laid there watching his hockey game w/him.
Whenever the bar is open she sleeps in our room b/c the people from the bar are ridiculously loud & obnoxious & it ALWAYS wakes her up (& she's a HEAVY sleeper!) & she cries which wakes us up & I can't fall back to sleep & she continues to cry while she's sleeping & it's just a mess - so it's easier to have her in my room on those nites.
Last nite, was one of those nites - the bar was open.

I was sleeping well & I was woke up by the sound of pop, pop, pop, pop…(it was about 2:45)
Immediately I realize it's gun shots & I'm like OMG!

But I could tell that it was in the front, so I wasn't concerned. I thought, I hope they didn't shoot my car - thank God Cadence is in my room…

Probably 45 seconds maybe a minute later, I hear pop, pop, pop…from behind our house in btwn the 2 apts…so close to my window (that's right above my head & I was so scared to stand up or look out the window) that I thought, they're shooting each other outside my windows!

I wake up Dennis & I tell him there were just gunshots & he's like, no it's probably someone banging on the door next door .

I said, NOOOOOOOOOOO it was gunshots, go look out the front window & make sure there isn't anyone on the sidewalk hurt BUT don't open the door!

He grunts & walks out to the living room & comes flying back in the room & is like holy sh*t, there's police everywhere

It was not too early/too late in the day to say I TOLD YOU!!!!

So what does he do? He goes outside & talks to the people at the bar to see what happened.
He comes in & says, don't worry it wasn't that close, it was an echo., it wasn't. You can doubt a lot of things about me, my eyesight, my memory - but don't ever doubt my hearing!

I said, I'm telling you, the other gunshots may have been an echo, but those ones were not.
He said, what other gunshots?!
I said the 1st ones that happened maybe a minute before those ones.

What? There were more? Why didn't you tell me?
I said b/c they were out front & I didn't think it mattered - I figured hopefully our cars weren't hit & then I thought, thank God Cadence is in bed w/us & then before I could think of anything else, I heard those ones from the back

So of course, he thinks I'm nuts but he goes outside to tell the police that there were gunshots seconds before the ones in the back to which they reply - we know, they were shot from right here (the front yard in btwn the bar & the fence).

Dennis comes in like, you were right…
So tell me something I don't know. That's why, I don't care what the police say - that was not an echo I heard. There was a clear difference from what the first one & the 2nd one sounded like & it was clear the 2nd one was close.

I could not fall back to sleep - I was a nervous wreck. When I look back, I can't even believe that I was so non-chalant about the ones in the front yard - I mean, really? But I didn't care. However, when they were that close to us - that's when it's not ok.

The bar is taped off in the back where the 2 guys were shot. The shooter hasn't been caught as of yet..who I am kidding, I doubt he will be.

I'm sure the bar will be open & in full swing tonite. I just wish our lease was up. I'm so happy this is just a temporary place - that in 6 mos we can move. I just kept thinking, I can't have my daughter's here - this is ridiculous!

Anyway - here are some pictures from the last few days...

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