Saturday, May 16, 2009

I blinked & it was gone!

Thinking it wouldn't be long before the girls were asleep last nite & Dennis could go to sleep, I was out w/no guilt.
When he came to bed @ midnite & woke me up to let me know that it was midnite, I still didn't feel guilty but couldn't believe they had that much energy!
Dennis said Madison fell asleep around 11:25. But Cadence held out. He said probably at 11:45 she was finally asleep. MONSTERS! :)

Around 4 am, I heard a loud boom. I thought, crap, I bet Cadence rolled out of bed. I didn't hear any crying, so I thought, well maybe it's the cats…
Nope, a few mins later, Cadence came into my room still 1/2 asleep, sobbing that she fell out of bed. She sobbed the story as she climbed into bed next to me & was still talking even though her eyes were closed. As soon as her head hit the pillow, I heard no more.

At 7, I heard Madison kind of scream out. I thought..she really can't be up this early! I waited & didn't hear anything else. I sighed & rolled over. At 7:24 Madison knocked on my door to inform me that the kittens were jumping on her. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID KITTENS! AHH!!
I got up & locked them in the laundry room, had her lay back down, covered her up & turned on cartoons. I crawled back into bed to go to sleep. It didn't work & I laid there til about 8:30. I finally gave up & got up & showered.

After breakfast, I bathed the girls & got them dressed. They played for an hour or so while I cleaned up & watched a little tv.

We headed out the door & went straight to Sonic for some lunch. The girls enjoyed their burgers & fries & for eating all their lunch, got some yummy ice cream.

After we ate, we headed off to the library for Claire's Day celebration.

We started off in the library, returning our books & checking out more.

When we headed out, the rain was gone & the sun was peaking through the clouds.
We went into the activity tent & the girls made lots of cute things…

Floral arrangements
Water paintings

Book marks
And finally Pinwheels

We were there for about an hour. After we finished, we headed over to my moms to pick up Cadence's summer clothes.
While we went through our stuff to find them, the girls played school & read books to one & other.
After we found the clothes & loaded them up, we took Madison home & headed home ourselves.

We had leftovers for dinner & now that's it's 9:30 we're crawling into bed

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