Sunday, May 17, 2009

Goodbye weekend, how I will miss you…

Cadence woke me up this morning & it was hard to sleep through it. She was in my face telling me she loved me. She laid next to me & I tried to fall back to sleep, but couldn't. She ended up leaving & I was out. Around 10 I woke up & sat up to get out of bed & was startled b/c Cadence was laying at my feet. I thought she left the room.

She laughed & said, I was laying here watching tv, silly goose.

We got up & joined Dennis in the living room. Debated on breakfast & finally decided on eggs.

Dennis took Cadence to the store to get some laundry soap & turkey burger & I stayed home to 'spring clean'. Oh what was I thinking. What turned into just getting a few things cleaned - has made my house a disaster area - almost unfit to live in - ha!

I just have piles of stuff everywhere b/c I moved from one place to the next w/o finishing b/c I had to get another place done in order to finish the one I was working on. What was I thinking?!
Apparently, I wasn't!


In my defense, I got the whole bathroom cleaned. Cleaned out the closet (which is rather large) threw away a whole garbage can full of stuff from it, cleaned out the medicine cabinet & then scrubbed down the bathroom!

Nice…but you can't enter through my bathroom & unless you actually have to go, you would never know it was clean :(

When Dennis & Cadence got home, Dennis quickly left to help Lisa move a fridge & bed to her house.

Cadence & I watched Halloweentown (for the 100th time) & waited for him to get back. He showed up around 4:30 - just in time for us to head out to make dinner w/her friends from daycare.

It was packed when we got there - that is one busy place! The food was good & Cadence had a blast. Here she is w/one of her 'teachers'.

She wouldn't hold still long enough for me to get one w/her other teacher.

When we got home, we relaxed. Cadence played games & I read a book. Since Cadence starts back to school tomorrow, I told her we had to go to bed early. I started trying this around 9:15.

It's not 10:20 & well, it's turned into a joke.

It's going to be a LONG day tomorrow & a rough morning!

Good nite!

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