Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!!

We have lots of fun stuff planned today - I don't even know if there is enough time in the day for it all!!
Dennis worked last nite & didn't get home til 3:30, but got up early enough to get some yard work done. Even though they're not calling for rain, it sure is cloudy & our yard hasn't been mowed in almost 2 wks so we thought better to be safe than sorry. Now that he's finished scooping, mowing & whipping, he's showered & napping.
Meanwhile, Cadence & I cleaned up the inside of the house. Have you ever let a 4 yr old vaccuum? OMG - Dennis mowed the front & back before she even had a 1/4 of the room done. :) I shouldn't complain - I'm happy she likes to help.

Yesterday before Dennis headed to work, I cleaned out Cadence's toys AGAIN - got rid of a garbage bag full. You can't tell though. After I finished that, Dennis moved some of the furniture around in her playroom. I think I like it this way better.
When he left for work, I was pretty tired but wanted to finish working on putting together a cd of music for Cadence. I was so happy b/c I got all the music downloaded - but when I went to burn the disc I realized...I'm out of discs!
My next project was downloading movies from our camera to burn onto dvds. I got 3 done & couldn't do anymore..I was exhausted & could barely keep my eyes open.
Dennis saw that I was working on it when he got home, so he got 4 more done when he got home! About 7 more & then we can burn them to dvd's. :)

We worked a little on the basement yesterday but really didn't do much. I guess it's going to be a project for tomorrow. I really want to get it done this weekend - trash pick up is Monday & we only have 5 wks til B get's here & only 4 mos left of our lease. When we're able to go, I don't want to worry about what I need to clean out - I just want to pack what we have w/o sorting through it all & go!

Speaking of B, I had my u/s on Wed - so here are a few pics of our 4lb 4oz Duchess!

Today we're going to stop by Erica's for Timmy's b/day party & then we're heading off to Sarah's.
She's going to be cooking out, they'll be a slip n slide for the kids, volleyball & cornhole! She's invited us, Aaron & Bobbie, her neighbors, Jeremy's sister & her kids & Aunt Sandy & Uncle Butch.
Cadence is so excited to go play w/Madison & play on the slip n slide it's all she's been asking about.
I feel bad for not making it out to Gramma's today - but I go out there EVERY 4th & let's be honest, I have 4 families (Dennis & Cadence, my dad's family, my mom's family & Dennis' family) & I'm one person. I think it's ok to switch it up now & again. Don't let my non-chalant attitude fool you - I know I will be getting a lecture for this one but whatever.

We're going to leave Sarah's around 7 & head downtown for the kids activities & of course the FIREWORKS!!
If Lady Kirsten isn't too busy (and sore) she'll hopefully join us for the fireworks. We also invited Andrea, but she's young - so I'm sure she's having real fun! :)
Btw, if you've never been here - Toledo rocks the fireworks - I'm looking forward to them.

The next post will have pictures from today, so until then - don't forget to thank a service person for your freedom!

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