Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Maternity Leave - Day 1 = Dentist Disaster!

So I woke up early...old habits, right...anyway, it didn't much matter, b/c I was able to take a nice nap from 10:15-11:30. It was amazing!

I kept Cadence home from school b/c I was excited about staying home myself & wanted to spend some time w/her. We played dollhouse & baker. It was fun & busy. Then she laid on the couch next to me while I napped.

When I woke up from my nap, she & I had lunch & then we got Dennis up...it was time to get ready to go to the dentist...
I told her where we were going & that it was just so they could brush her teeth. They weren't doing anything else.

When we got there she did not look convinced it was going to be easy...
But she found a game & her mind was busy playing that - keeping her thoughts far from the dentist...

My plan was to take a bunch of pictures of her at the dentist & show her for her next appt that it's not so bad...
So when we got back to the room, I took a picture of her in the chair...
That was the last picture I took. The second the hygentist walked in, it was all downhill from there. She told her it could go one of 2 ways - either she listens & holds still & it's done fast OR they fight w/her & it takes a long time.
Apparently the 2nd option sounded more appealing to her b/c that's the route we took.

So you'd think, that dad holding her legs & lower body, mom holding her arms & upper body, the hygentist holding her head & the tech helping where she could would possibly make the experience a little less of a struggle & a little more quick.
No, no it didn't.
I was sweating by the time we finished a TEETH CLEANING!!! Yes a CLEANING! OMG! She struggled & screamed & cried - i'm talking real tears streaming down her face - it was heartbreaking but ridiculous!
When we were finally done, the dentist has to come in & check out her teeth. Another struggle...then she put on the fluroide...again, struggle.
I was so happy for this visit to be over!
The good news - only ONE cavity!! Which in her case is AMAZING news. The bad - it's on a tooth that already was jacked up which means, not a simple little filling..nope - she's got to have a cap put on ...fantastic.
Her appt is 8/27. I'm not looking forward to this. The last time she had one done - they ended up chipping her front tooth b/c she fought so hard. Drug her you say...oh she was drugged AND strapped to the board...yea, she's a strong 4 yr old!
By the time we left the room, she was happy & smiling. Are you kidding me? I didn't take any pictures b/c I was too tired from holding her down - ha.
We stopped by Jenny's to pick up some coolers for Marge & then we headed home. We had to run to Kroger to get some milk, but that was the extent of our evening.

On a medicine note - I was switched to heparin yesterday - which means I'm getting close!! :)
They switch you over at the end of the pregnancy b/c it's easier to control & you can get an epidural while on the heparin - and i'm all about the drugs :)
I'm looking forward to a much less frantice day. Tomorrow Cadence will be going to the gym & Thurs I have my NST at Baypark. Dr. B is out, so they're just sending me to L&D for the test. The rest of the weekend is calm & quiet - Angie's shower is Sunday & that's the extent of it. :)
Til next time...
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