Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bridal Showers & Fireworks

Though I wrote this all out Sunday evening, I never took the pictures off my camera, so I finally emptied the camera & here's the post…

Friday at work, we helped Lindsay celebrate her Bridal Shower. Let's start w/all the fantastic food her team prepared…mmm…
Her beautiful & DELICIOUS cake!
Here is she is, wishing the attention wasn't focused on her…
The gift from Andrea, Bobbie, Stephanie & I.
Her shower was fun & a good day to break up the day.
Friday evening, Cadence & I hung around the house, not really doing much of anything. I was tired & took a nap - as usual. I've been getting in quite a few evening naps. I try to keep them out of my schedule til the weekend so that I don't regret it when it's time for bed at nite.

Saturday morning I woke up at 6:40. Is that not ridiculous?! Lisa needed a ride to work - her car was out of gas there, so I picked her up @ 8:30 & ran her out. I went home, cleaned up, let out the dogs & read for while.
Dennis & Cadence got up around 10 (must be nice) & we sat around trying to decide what to do.
We finally put a fire under ourselves @ 12 & showered & dressed - just in enough time to take some gas to Lisa at work.
We headed over to my mom's to look for our summer clothes…no luck. We did find some baby stuff (diapers sz newborn - those are almost 5 yrs old!!, a playmat & my boppy) so we brought that home. We REALLY need to organize our things over there (see my To-Do Tuesday list!) b/c Christmas decorations are mixed w/winter clothes & wedding memories…yikes!

I was feeling really bad Sat - contractions (although I thought they were BH, I'm not sure - they were strong & took my breath away) & the heat were just making me physically ill. We quickly headed back home for me to crash in the a/c & sleep it off.

After a 2 hr nap (ohhhh…it felt good!) I woke up feeling better. We ate dinner & watched tv til 8:30, when we picked up Lisa, Jaiden & the boys to head over to Cindy's house for a quick visit before going to the fireworks.

Her house is right on the water & really nice, but the smell was making me nauseous…blah. I did enjoy the banana desert that Joe & Rose made…omg..mmmm..mmm..good!
We stayed for about 40 mins - I swear we didn't come to just eat! Then left to find a good spot for the Point's fireworks. We ended up across from the Sunoco station at the foot of the bridge where the fireworks were being let off.
The Mayflies/Junebugs were out in full force & so gross. Yuck! I was trying to find the right setting for fireworks & after reviewing my test shot - saw all the bugs around the light…ewww..
The kids enjoyed the fireworks. Cadence just adores Taevion…
But the sound of the fireworks hurts her ears…

I thought this one looked like lips in the middle..
Dennis looks thrilled..
Cadence & Aunt Sisa are enjoying themselves..
Jaiden & Tae seem pretty excited too..

We dropped everyone off at home, headed home, watched Harper's Island (which is going to be a repeat this coming up weekend…AHHHH!!!!) & went to bed.

Sunday morning we got up & started getting ready for Lindsay's bridal shower given by her family. I left a few mins late, but it was ok b/c a lot of people that map quested the shower location got lost - apparently MapQuest lied..however, it didn't lie to me…it was perfect directions.
I was behind Stephanie & Andrea when getting off the e-way (which Stephanie ran a red light..awwww..) & they graciously carried in the gifts that we bought Lindsay.
All Cadence did was talk about Andrea & how she couldn't wait to see her, but once we got there - she was quiet & shy. I think it was the other people.
We were joined by Bobbie, Joann & Vicki. We had a good lunch & enjoyed watching Lindsay open her gifts. Andrea wanted to win something & guess what - she did! Bath & Bodyworks soap. :)

Cadence insisted on taking a piece of cake home for Dennis. However, on the way home, she ate all the frosting off of it & then fell asleep.
After helping Lisa (or trying to anyway) w/her car, Dennis & I headed home to relax for the evening. But not before Cadence enjoyed an ice cream sandwich (as evidenced all over her face in this one...)
And her & Chai played for awhile...

It was almost 8 by the time we got home & we (Cadence & I - Dennis stayed up to get into the routine for 3rds) were happy to go to sleep @ 9!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!
Til next time..
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