Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maternity Leave - Day 2 = Fire Frenzy!

Ok, seriously, I had no intentions of naming my posts how many day # of my maternity leave - but really - the last 2 have been eventful.
First w/Cadence & her fear of the dentist & today...
ok wait, let me tell you a quick story...I have to introduce my topic you know..

So since my shower, I've been foaming at the mouth to get to Babies R Us. Everytime we're supposed to go either something comes up or I'm too tired to go over. It's not like it's urgent for me to get there..I mean she's not here yet, but the $ & gift cards have practically burned right through my pocket! :)

Anyway, today, I finally go there! We pulled into the parking spot, I unbuckled myself & Cadence, opened my door & my phone rang - it was Jenny...
"At the store..."
"Are you ok?!"
"The bar is on fire & it's bad!"
"WHAT?! We're on our way home."

We probably didn't need to rush home, but they were in btwn the house & the bar trying to control the fire & no one has a key to our house & I was freaked out about my dogs!
So, again - no Babies R Us :(

Most likely cause....cigarettes...ridiculous! Here are some of the sites we got to see when we arrived home..

As for the rest of the evening - we went to the gym with Cadence..

came home - Dennis made dinner & we relaxed. Here's Sativa enjoying her life...ha!
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