Sunday, July 5, 2009

How we spent our 4th of July

I don't think that I've ever had such a busy 4th of July! We were non-stop all day & I'm not complaining - it was fantastic!

After Dennis woke from his nap, we headed out the door to Walmart to pick up chips & dip (our contribution to dinner) & ran into Erica while we were there.
It was a quick trip & we were on our way to Sarah's.
We got there & everyone had just started eating, so we quickly joined in. The food was amazing. I meant to get a picture of the table, but was too hungry :)
They had chicken, chicken kabobs, steak kabobs, hot dogs, macaroni salad, pasta salad, some yummy warmed potato salad dish, chips & dip, a beautiful watermelon fruit basket, brownies & smores brownies.
I was so hungry & was enjoyed every bite! Cadence played baby dolls w/Madison & the neighbor girl...

After eating the yummy food - Aunt Sandy took a little relaxation time on the swing..
Aaron let his stomach settle a little before joining in on the volleyball game...
While Bobbie, Sarah & I had brownies...
Then I watched a good game of volleyball..

Here the neighbors are rooting for their favorite players..
Cadence tried out the slip n slide but she didn't like it & was a little chilly...
She got dressed & played on the swing w/Madison...
After the volleyball game - Dennis, Aaron & the 2 neighbor guys played a few games of horseshoes...

While Jeremy, Aunt Sandy, Uncle Butch & the neighbor lady played euchre..
Sarah, Bobbie, myself & the 2 neighbor boys played Uno (sorry - no pics - the game was too intense - ha!).
After the game, the 3 of us sat by the fire relaxing, talking & watching all the kids play...
Cadence was happy to get the swing all to herself!

Aaron joined us after his horseshoe game ended...
We sadly left Sarah's, but headed over to Erica's for Timmy's b/day party...
We made it in time for cake - ha! I'm not sure we enjoyed it as much as Erica did though..
While we let Cadence play w/the other kids for awhile..
Timmy was ready to come in - not that it was funny - but I thought it was a cute pic..
Timmy liked our gifts - phew - kids are hard to please!

We didn't stay long b/c we wanted to get downtown & see what was going on...

We found a close spot @ Cadence's daycare & walked over to the river. We found a good spot to watch the fireworks, put up our chairs & sat down for a bit.
We eventually got up to check things out. We missed the kids activites :(
But Cadence was ok w/that b/c she got a light saber. While we waited on the fireworks, Cadence kept us entertained..

The fireworks were very dissapointing. Toledo always had a good fireworks show, but not this time.

The rest of the day was so great, it wasn't a big deal - but I really was looking forward to them. I couldn't even tell when their Grand Finale started!

We stopped at Lisa's for a bit on our way home - walked in our door a little after 12 & crashed shortly there after!

Today we've done pretty much nothing. Dennis took a 4 hr nap while Cadence & I cleaned up & played dollhouse. We went to my sisters for a bit & came home to wake up Dennis for dinner. We had a yummy dinner - then headed off to get some ice cream. mmmm..

Now it's time for bed & I'm hoping Cadence isn't too messed up from sleeping until NOON & then napping for 45 mins @ 6!!

Til next time..

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