Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Day...

This week has been so amazing to me. It's so weird to get up & not go to work. I do miss it a little, but it has sure made a difference for me. I'm not so sore that everytime I get up, I cringe. I'm not so tired that I'm dreading walking to the bathroom.
It's just been absolutely relaxing. I've barely done a thing. I mean I had all these plans to organize - I've done nothing.
Dennis kindly organized Cadence's closet b/c B's things were falling out into Cai's room. He's been doing the dishes & laundry - but hey, I've been folding it! :)

I love spending all this time w/Cadence. I love not stressing about how much working I'm going to miss when I leave for an appointment - which they made my list of appts on Monday - wow - a LOT of appts over the next few weeks!

Anyway, as for today, it's been another relaxing day. I had my NST but it was at Baypark b/c Dr. B was out of the office. I was fine w/that b/c the last time they did it at Baypark (when B failed it), I quickly learned how nice their rooms are. They do them right in the L & D rooms, they are SUPER cold & I get to lay in bed. Doesn't get much better than that! :)

She did good today! Above is the proof!
I'm gonna be all crabby next week when I'm back to doing them at Dr. B's office & I'm all hot & sweaty...
After my appt we came home & took felt good. Then we ran to the store to pick up bread & some meat for dinner.
Dennis & I watched some tv - Cadence played & colored. He left for work & Cadence & I played dollhouse & we've read about 5 books.
At some point this weekend I'm going to post pictures of the 2 outfits I have to decide btwn to bring home B. I'm so excited :)
I also have a stand by outfit for if it's chilly - this weather has been a little wacked for the summer - so for all I know it could be 60 ish when we bring her home! :) So stay tuned for the adorable outfits..
Now it's time for bed.
Til next time...
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