Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SURPISE! It's a baby shower

Even though I thought I was pretty clear about not wanting a baby shower for Baby #2 - apparently I wasn't clear enough for Lisa.

I'm not complaining - not one bit - I'm extremely blessed & thankful for the surprise baby shower she threw for me this past Sunday.

I'm thankful for everything she put into that day. Cleaning before the party, after the party, the $ she spent on the food, contacting my friends & family, getting the games together, the beautiful cake...I mean, there is just too much to thank her for.

I'm thankful that even though my family & I have had a few problems as of late, no one brought it up & the shower was joyful & about B!

It was great to see Josie & Val...Selena has grown entirely too much & I'm overly jealous about all the hair Bella has! Andrea, Lindsay, Michele & Bobbie were quite a surprise, it was so wonderful of them to not only come, but get me another gift since the travel pack they already got me was more than enough!

Lisa struggled w/my camera so most of these are blurry...but it was a lot of fun!

Randi did NOT want a pic taken...too bad!
The pretty bouncy seat...i love how girly it is!
Between this shower & the one they threw for us at work, I'm pretty well set. I am so lucky to have so many wonderful friends & family!

Thanks guys - I love you!

After the shower, Lisa took the kids into the pool - Taevion did so well on his own - he was loving it!

Until next time...
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