Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

Following Michele, I'm skipping the Wordless & joining her w/a Wordful Wednesday!

Here are some pics of Cadence at her swim lessons at the Y. For sure that is going to be the thing she misses the most when we move her!

And speaking of moving her, I have set up a "tour" of the CDC downtown (FOUR BLOCKS from work!) that I'm hoping she will be attending soon. I'm going for a mid-May move date. Being closer to work (LESS GAS & not having to leave as early!!) is a big bonus, plus as I said before, I don't really like the 'curriculum' at the Y.

Last nite Dennis went to the ER w/severe side pain - he has 3 kidney stones! The urologist feels that he will pass them, but there is one that is rather large, so they have put him on a alpha blocker to help break it up.
He has a follow up appt in a week.

Lastly, TWO more DAYS til my ultrasound…not that I'm really keeping track or find the appointment to be the foremost thing on my mind…

Until tomorrow's Thankfulness - have a great Wednesday!
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