Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pregnancy Dreams

I've heard that dreams while you're pregnant are completely whacked & I for one, agree!
I had a dream that Kim Kardashian (I LOVE Keeping Up w/the Kardashians) was giving me my u/s & she asked "Do you want to know?" I said, "YES!" she said, "It's a girl! What are you going to name her?" to which I replied "You're the one that told me, so I'm going to name her after you."
Is that not hilarious?! And if we have a girl, I'm not naming her Kim. I just loved that dream - it was so funny & during the u/s Kim was nice & looked cute like she always does. It was hilarious.

After an extremely LONG day at work yesterday, I headed over to check out the daycare we're hoping to move Cadence to. I liked it A LOT!! Well, except for the elevator ride, I liked it. OMG, I practically had a panic attack. The elevator is tiny & SLOW!! Slowest elevator I've ever been on. Anyway, the daycare is VERY high tech - checking kids in & out on a screen & it was very clean & well lit & had a rock wall - Cadence will LOVE that!
Her move date is probably going to be around 5/15. I'm very excited to not only have her closer to home but out of the Y. I mean it wasn't horrible, I've seen horrible (hello Chai & Tae's daycare - HORRIBLE!), but I just didn't get the warm & fuzzy feeling I was hoping for - I did get it at this daycare though.
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