Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday = Blah

On Friday we only had to work a 1/2 day - which was great, b/c I was looking fwd to my u/s & finding out what baby is!
I left work & went to St. V's to have some blood work drawn. Val was working & checked me in, so I got to sit & talk w/her for a bit.
While I waited for Dennis to go get the car & pick me up, I saw a display w/these on them...

I thought it was funny to read about DVT's & the treatment of lovenox, which is the reason I was there. I was having the thiness/thickness of my blood checked for my blood thinners - Lovenox!
I loved this comment about the side effects:

I'd say it's true-2 of my injections sites:

After the draw, I went home & impatiently waited for 2:45 to roll around. When it was close, we got our shoes & coats on & headed out the door.
Cadence was VERY excited to see the baby & find out if the baby is a boy or girl. So the ride over she was saying that she couldn't wait to see 'Trevor' to which Dennis replied, you mean 'Liam'? That got her started, no, fine, it's not Trevor & you're not my friend. She is a little bit of a drama queen.
We go there, checked in & waited...
Here we are waiting...

Cadence is pretty excited...

Here she is looking at a baby in the waiting room.

I was called back & Cadence & Dennis had to wait - they don't want small kids back there during the beginning.
She worked her way around, showing me the head, the brain (obviously baby takes after mommy & not daddy - ha!), each arm, leg & foot. I was waiting for her to tell me what the baby was, after all, she was taking pics of the legs & feet. When she didn't say anything, I assumed she was waiting for Dennis to be back there.
Dennis & Cadence came back & she continued. Cadence was so excited to see the baby on the screen, though, she couldn't quite make it out. She asked if it was a brother or sister (or was there one of each - only one baby, only one!)and Dennis said, be good baby, let us know what you are.
The tech said, yea, I can't see what the baby is.
I was so shocked b/c she had been looking at the legs & feet, i thought she was messing w/me & I turned to her & said, Are you serious?
She said, yep. And that was it. She was done. I was so dissapointed.
Before anyone says, I should be happy that everything is ok - let me say this. I am happy everything is ok & I know there are a lot of people who wish they could be pregnant, there are a lot of people who have lost babies/pregnacies & who might think I'm being ridiculous. In my defense, I just want to point out, I've dealt w/infertility, mutliple pregnancy loss & in order for my pregnancies to be full term I have to do 2 shots of blood thinners a day, so I understand most of the feelings, but most pregnant people look forward to this one appointment, so I'm not trying to sound ungrateful - I'm more grateful than anyone could imagine, it's just one of the things through my 600 shots, that I look forward too, so I am bummed that we didn't find out.
I have another appointment on 5/8 b/c she couldn't get some of the measurements - baby was moving like crazy...hmmm...could be that spicy dip I ate at lunch - oops!
Baby's heartbeat was 157 & now weighs 12 oz!

When we got home, I was pretty tired - not enough sleep & disspointment made for a tired mommy. I laid on the couch trying to watch tv, but my eyes were pretty heavy. My mom called around 4:30 to find out the big news...ha! I would have loved to tell her, but of course, I was stuck w/the mean tech who couldn't see anything. She invited us out to dinner b/c she's not doing an Easter dinner this year. I didn't think I had the energy to get up, but did think it would be nice to not have to worry about dinner. When she said it wouldn't be til 6, I said ok.
We met her, Alan, Jenny, Colin, Chai & Tae at Red Wells. Dinner was good & I think all the senior citizens that eat there were annoyed there were so many little kids - ha!
I took my camera w/the intention of taking pictures, but didn't feel like messing around w/it, so no pictures :(

We came home, my mom & the boys followed. Chai went upstairs & my mom & Tae stayed down w/us. My mom eventually made her way up to visit Alan & it was about the time Cadence was ready for bed. I called her about 20 mins later & told her to pretend she was leaving w/Tae so I could get Cadence in bed. I know, cheap shot but she won't go to sleep knowing there are children to play with.
My mom said she was just going to take him upstairs & stay there til Lisa got off. It took no more than 10 mins & Cadence was out like a lite. Now I'm off to join her - but before I go - here's some new shots of the baby!

And Cadence "holding" her baby brother/sister for the first time :)
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