Saturday, April 4, 2009

Drained but it was worth it

Malachai ended up not staying the nite last nite, he was really tired & just wanted to go home with his mom.
We woke up this am, took baths, invited Colin to come along w/us & we were out the door at 10:20.
We decided since we started later than we planned, that we'd hit the Easter Bunny pics after the egg hunt.
In order to participate in the hunt, you had to bring 6 plastic eggs w/candy in them. We had our 12 eggs, each filled w/Sixlets.
We get off the e-way & are minutes from the Y when we realize, we left the eggs at home! Quick u-turn & we hit the $ store, more eggs, more candy & headed back towards the Y.
We got there, dumped our eggs in baskets & Colin & Cadence proceeded to the many crafts tables to make pretty Easter pictures.

It was pretty packed, but all the kids were having a blast!

Dads were called out to hide the eggs & after about 10 mins, the kids were realeased...

They had a blast & once we were in the van & buckled up, they were opening their eggs & comparing candy.
We got to the store for pictures & Cadence jumped right on the Easter Bunny's lap. She was intrigued & was staring at him for quite some time. Colin was frightened & wouldn't go near him. Oh well.

We got home, Cadence went upstairs w/Colin & I did dishes. Dennis did yard work. It seemed like we were worked for hours & when Dennis came in, we laid on the couch & watched tv.
Dennis said, don't we have to leave soon? I said, for what? He said for PPI. OMG! I forgot!! I had to be there @ 3, I was certain it was after 3, I looked at the clock & it was only 2:16. Wow, what seemed like hours doing dishes & straightening up was only like 20 mins! SWEET!
I got on my shoes & called for Cadence & we were off.
Dennis dropped me off at the Prom for Paws to benefit Planned Pethood. It was pretty cool - they had donated old bridesmaid & prom dresses and even some brand new dresses from Atlas Bridal. They had donated shoes too - all dresses were $25-$40 even the NEW ones!! The shoes were only $5! All proceeds - to PPI - EVEN BETTER!!

He & Cadence headed to the park. She had a blast & was so tired, she asked to go home - that never happens.

They left & got a hot dog at the little cafe next door to the Prom for Paws. By the time they finished eating, it was 5 & I was done volunteering.
We came home & I sat outside w/Cadence & Colin while they played w/sidewalk chalk & played hopscotch.

After awhile, Cadence & I headed in & while Dennis made dinner, we watched The Jetson's movie Dennis DVR'd last week. Cadence loved it.

After dinner, we had a piece of left over cake from last nite & now we're off to bed.
It was a pretty awesome day!
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