Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally Friday!

So happy that it's finally Friday - but thankfully, it's almost done. I'm not sure which was worse - work all day or the kids all evening!
Wow! Malachai & Cadence were fine, than my mom got here w/Taevion & Alan came down w/Colin & again - all I can say is WOW!
They were crazy & they're tired & my head hurts tonite.
Colin & Alan only stayed for awhile - Colin got a new Harry Potter game, so he didn't want to stay long.
Lisa is on her way home from work & will be picking up Taevion.
Malachai is supposed to stay the nite. We've got a few plans tomorrow..
Pics w/the Easter Bunny in the am & then Easter Egg hunt. We'll take Chai home & come home to relax. I'll head out around 2:30 to volunteer for Prom for Paws, to benefit Planned Pethood.
Some pics from tonite...

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