Monday, April 6, 2009

Not Me Monday!

On Friday, I didn't read MckMama's blog & take her double dog dare to be the 7,000,000 hit on her blog to heart & try for about 5 mins to do it. I got side tracked & ended up being 7,000,464, b/c really - that would be silly! I would also never make a new goal to be #8,000,000!

I didn't see Sativa standing over Lola in a very threatening manner & see poor Lola fall to her side, frozen in fear & rather than shoo Sativa away, pray that I was able to get my camera out in time to catch it on 'film'! How awful would that be! And then I would NEVER post it as a funny pic on my blog….

And then I wouldn't watch Sativa 'hunt' Lola, who was hiding under Cadence's table & take pictures instead of stopping her!

When my back was bothering me something awful at work, I didn't step into the conference room & lie on the floor w/my legs on the chair to try & stretch it out & then I would NEVER take a picture of myself while doing this, on my cell phone & text it to Dennis b/c that would be ridiculous!

I would not ask Cadence to pick up my cell phone that fell about 3 ft from where I was sitting b/c I was too lazy to get up & step a whole foot forward to retrieve it. That would horribly lazy!

I would never ask the girl doing my hair to concentrate the color on all the gray popping through…and then get irriated that she laughed at the request b/c after all, it is kind of a silly request.

I certainly would NEVER decide that making a side dish w/dinner was far too much work & just open a can of cranberry sauce rationalizing that Cadence had a UTI so this would actually be quite healthy for her - that would be pretty sad!

And then some….

We had a little doggie drama this weekend…Quinn somehow pulled his whole nail out of his foot. The nail on the side - completely gone! According to the vet - he's fine, we put neosporin on it & wrapped it w/gauze to keep it clean. We are to continue that & he was put on oral antibiotics. Poor guy!

Today is Malachai's golden birthday!! He is so excited to celebrate his 6th b/day - while, I can't believe he's already 6! How in the world did that happen?

Cadence 'skipped' school today. She was pretty tired this am & it was snowing & very cold out, so Dennis said to just let her sleep in. Talk about a happy camper - although she did ask about school when she got up. Kids are never happy!

And the best news of all…only FOUR days til I have my u/s!!! We cannot wait to see what we're having! Cadence is very excited too. She's going to come to the u/s so she can see her little brother/sister. She keeps asking if the baby is big yet so it can come out of my belly - I keep telling her not yet - 4 1/2 months is almost the same as years to little kids - for that matter it's almost years to pregnant people too!

When I got home from work tonite, I was waiting for Cadence to run over & greet me...nope, she didn't...and even though I was bummed about that - she looked so cute & was pretty exhauted after playing w/daddy all day, I got over it pretty quickly. Plus it let me get this cute picture!
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